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About us

REMEX Maximize the value of Dead stock.

We are constantly striving to solve reverse logistics issues.

REMEX is a business return that 
sets new standards in the market.

From return management to inspection and resale, we have automated solutions that eliminate inefficiencies in the returns market by transcending various areas. Starting with reverse logistics, we continuously challenge ourselves to break down domain boundaries and ensure that sellers no longer worry about returns

remex liquidation

Introducing Leadership
for Designing Return Business

Based on an unbiased view of the market, we are opening new horizons for business. Experience the leadership of REMEX,
which is creating innovation across various fields

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Sung-Su KIM

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Our Mission

REMEX is dedicated to transforming the fate of Dead stock and unfulfillable inventory into valuable assets for Amazon sellers.
Our mission is to "Re:maximize" the value of returns, utilizing innovative technology to not only recover but enhance the worth of each item. We aim to create a sustainable and profitable cycle, redefining how returns are perceived and managed in the e-commerce space.

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Our Expertise

At REMEX, we blend detailed attention with cutting-edge automation to address the complexities of e-commerce returns. Our team, adept in logistics and inventory management, crafts tailored solutions that effectively handle unfulfillable inventory challenges. With our automated system, we ensure seamless integration and offer insights for smarter decision-making, turning logistical hurdles into opportunities.

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Our Success

Our journey is fueled by a passion for innovation and a drive for constant improvement, positioning REMEX on a path to becoming a leader in returns management. We measure success by the added value we deliver to our clients, transforming each return into an opportunity for growth and efficiency.

Our Offices

remex dallas



2406 Walnut Ridge St, Dallas, TX 75229

remex korea



815, Daewangpangyo-ro,
Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si

remex china



Level 40, One Museum Place, 669 Xinzha Road, Jing An District, Shanghai

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