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Do you have Overstock in  your warehouse?

Do you have Overstock in the USA?

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REMEX can Handle it

Seller Fulfillment Service

  • You can list and sell your inventory from its current location, whether it's in a 3PL warehouse or your own storage.

  • Selling directly from your current location saves time and eliminates the need for additional handling.

  • The listing process is simple, allowing you to set and adjust prices as needed.

  • You only pay a 15% commission to Remex, making the platform cost-effective.

  • Full control over inventory management, providing flexibility to respond quickly to market demands.

Sell from your warehouse process

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REMEX Fulfillment Service

Remex Fulfillment is a comprehensive service where Remex handles the entire process of managing your inventory, from shipping to selling. Here are its features and advantages

  • Full-Service Management: Remex takes care of everything from the removal of inventory to listing, selling, and logistics.

  • Quality Assurance: Our team inspects and categorizes the inventory based on condition and marketability, ensuring high-quality listings with detailed descriptions and images.

  • Effective Sales Strategy: Remex manages the entire sales process, including competitive pricing and visibility to a wide network of potential buyers.

  • Cost Structure: While the service carries a 50% referral fee, it offers a hassle-free solution, eliminating the need for sellers to handle the logistics and sales themselves.

Sell with REMEX fulfillment system

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liquidation near me
remex return management
liquidation near me


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