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2024 Amazon Seller central Update | Crazy tips for reducing Amazon FBA Fees!

Hello Amazon Sellers,

Have you heard about the recent fee increases announced by Amazon?

Explore with Remex before facing the 2024 fee surge with the change fee policies.

Discover ways to cut costs!

Amazon announced increasing Amazon Fee

Amazon recently announced a fee increase for sellers,

leading to increased anxiety among many sellers

Looking at the FBA storage fee policy, starting from April 1, 2024, the criteria for storage usage rates will be gradually detailed. It involves reducing the default from 22 to 26 weeks and imposing additional storage fees accordingly.

Particularly, storing for over 52 weeks shows a 40% increase compared to 2023

Is there any solution? 

To avoid long-term storage fees, one of the simplest methods is temporarily pausing your listings and relabeling inventory in a local warehouse instead of FBA.

Remex can receive your inventory at own warehouse,

conduct relabeling and repackaging, and automatically facilitate restocking to Amazon

If you're curious about more detailed services,
please apply for a consultation through the link below.
We'll provide all the tips for Amazon returns/excess inventory 


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