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2024 Amazon Update | Crazy tips for reducing Amazon FBA Fees! Part 02.

Hello Amazon Sellers,

Did you find the changes in Amazon selling fees for 2024 beneficial?

Continuing from last time, let's dive into the second part of the discussion about Amazon inventory fees.

1. Return Fees

Looking at the revised return fees, starting from June 2024, return fees for all sizes are increasing. With return fees potentially increasing by up to 15%, Amazon sellers might find themselves increasingly concerned about fees every time a return occurs.

2. Disposal Fees

Disposal fees are also on the rise. Many sellers are disposing of inventory deemed unsellable by Amazon among the returns they receive. Showing an average increase of about 10%, with both return and disposal fees rising... Sellers' concerns are likely not stopping here.


How about receiving money back instead of paying these fees?

Remex sells items that have become unsellable, saving you from the disposal fees!

Simply integrate with Remex, and unsellable inventory will automatically be sent to Remex warehouses and resold through local return shops.

Of course, the resale proceeds will return to you, the seller.

Worried about the cost of joining? Don't be! There isn't one!

Concerned about minimum quantities? No need to worry about that either!

Regardless of the type or condition of the product, Remex resells 99% of inventory.

Instead of worrying about the increased fees in 2024,

how about turning those fees into profits through resale?

Join now and effectively manage your unsellable inventory with Remex to start a successful business!

If you have concerns about Amazon returns or excess inventory,

Don't hesitate, find Remex!


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