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Amazon inventory, Re stock to FBA? or Disposal?

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, managing inventory efficiently is a significant challenge for many businesses, particularly Amazon sellers.

Excess inventory and returns, if not handled properly, can quickly turn into a financial burden. However, rather than resorting to disposal, which might seem like the path of least resistance, there are compelling reasons why managing this excess is a more beneficial strategy.

Financial Recovery

Disposing of excess inventory means a total loss on those products. On the other hand, managing and reallocating or reselling these items can help recover some, if not all, of the initial cost. Techniques such as discounts, sales, or even selling to liquidators can turn dead stock into cash flow.

Brand Image and Sustainability

Environmentally conscious consumers are increasingly critical of waste. Disposing of unsold goods can harm your brand's image. Managing returns and excess inventory responsibly not only appeals to these consumers but also promotes sustainability.

Inventory Health

Efficiently managing excess inventory can lead to better inventory health and turnover rates. This optimization can significantly impact your operational efficiency and profitability over time.

Data Insights for Future Planning

Managing rather than disposing of inventory allows businesses to gather data on what sells and what doesn’t. These insights are invaluable for future planning and inventory purchase decisions, ensuring a more demand-aligned stock level.



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