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Efficiently Managing Unfulfillable Amazon FBA Inventory

Greetings to all Amazon FBA Sellers!

I hope your Black Friday sales went smoothly.

Effective inventory management becomes

increasingly vital as we gear up for the Christmas season.

For Amazon FBA sellers, a significant challenge is

managing 'Amazon FBA Unfulfillable Inventory',

primarily resulting from customer returns.

Are you finding it a struggle, or worse,

are you paying Amazon hefty fees for disposal?

It might surprise you that disposal can cost up to $2.2 per item!

In an era of tightening margins

and complex fee structures from Amazon,

managing your inventory efficiently

is more crucial than ever.

But! there's no need for concern.

With Remex, we offer a streamlined solution

to handle your unfulfillable inventory

with just a simple click.

Remex stands as a certified entity,

proudly recognized as an Amazon U.S. SPN

after passing Amazon's rigorous inspection process.

Through our innovative program,

a single click is all it takes

for Remex to seamlessly transfer

your unfulfillable Amazon FBA inventory

to our dedicated warehouse in Texas.

Here's what we do:

1) Restock:

We promptly re-stock any new,

sellable items back into your seller account.

2) Resell Locally:

For items like box-damaged products,

we find local buyers,

turning potential losses into profits.

This approach not only automates

your monthly inventory management

but also boosts your revenue,

with profits deposited on the 15th of every month.

We have numerous success stories.

One notable case is a client

who significantly increased their revenue

by re-stocking and reselling

Amazon FBA returns through Remex,

rather than incurring costs

through Amazon FBA disposal.

Save Time with Remex Services

Setting us apart from conventional 3PLs,

our automated software manages

all aspects of your excess inventory,

freeing you to concentrate on

expanding your sales.

Interested in revolutionizing

your inventory management with Remex?

Reach out to us at

for more information.



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