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How Seller Tools Help Find Profitable Amazon Deals?

Amazon sellers who engage in online arbitrage face the daily challenge of locating profitable products and boosting sales. Thankfully, a range of Amazon seller tools can aid in this endeavor. These tools support sellers in various tasks, such as product research and repricing.

By choosing the right online arbitrage tools, you can expedite the sourcing of high-margin products, streamline sales processes, and alleviate mundane tasks. We have curated a selection of the most popular and practical online arbitrage tools to assist you in your Amazon business.

Types of Amazon Seller Tools

1. Product research tools: These tools help identify profitable products that meet your criteria and evaluate their sales potential and any associated issues.

2. Repricing tools: Automatically adjust item prices based on competitors' prices and your pricing strategy.

3. OA deal platforms: Websites where sellers can purchase pre-researched deals verified by professionals, facilitating rapid growth of their online arbitrage business.

4. Profit calculators: Assist in determining potential profits by accurately estimating costs and revenues linked to selling on Amazon.

5. Cashback services: Refund a percentage of customers' online purchases, enabling them to save money.

6. Cashback credit cards: Offer cardholders a percentage back on eligible credit card spending as cashback rewards.

7. Coupon websites: Gather coupons and savings offers in one place to simplify the process for shoppers.


These tools address the most challenging aspects of online arbitrage sales processes and help optimize your expenses.

7 Useful Amazon Seller Tools

1. Seller Assistant App

Seller Assistant App is a comprehensive product research tool of the new generation. Its main advantage is that it combines valuable product research features and displays essential product metrics directly on Amazon search and product pages. Moreover, it can promptly alert you to any sales restrictions or issues affecting the seller account health. Additionally, it allows you to save research findings to Google Sheets with just one click.

Key Features:

- FBM & FBA Profit Calculator

- Advanced IP Alerts

- Quick View

- Stock Checker

- Restrictions Checker

- Notifications for oversize, meltable, HazMat, fragile items, and other indicators

- On-page Notes

- Export to Google Sheets

- VAT calculator

Pricing: Starts from $15.99 per month. Seller Assistant App also offers a free version with limited features.

seller assistant app

2. IP-Alert by Seller Assistant

IP-Alert by Seller Assistant is a free extension that enables quick verification of Amazon products for intellectual property complaints. It is a top-notch solution that helps sellers proactively identify potential IP complaints to prevent account suspension. With its regularly updated IP complaints database, it minimizes the risk of IP claims on Amazon. Users can easily determine the type of IP complaint and when it was filed by entering the product's ASIN and Amazon marketplace.

Price: Free

3. Keepa

Keepa is a tool for tracking Amazon prices and sales, providing detailed graphs and chart data. Keepa allows users to monitor price changes, track Buy Box and sales rank trends, estimate product sell-through rate, and view review count and product rating. Keepa charts are accessible for a wide range of products in the Amazon catalog.

Price: €19 (about $23) per month. Keepa also offers a free version with limited functionalities.

4. Source Mogul 

Source Mogul is an advanced online sourcing tool equipped with automated scanning technology, granting access to millions of items each month. This tool enables users to discover lucrative deals and swiftly upload product lists. With Source Mogul, you can easily filter search results to display only products that meet specific criteria. It provides insights into brand restrictions, current stock levels, historical data, product rank, sales rank, and trending prices.

Price: $97 per month

5. Seller Assistant Deals

Seller Assistant Deals is a dynamic marketplace where online arbitrage buyers and sellers collaborate on profitable deals. Buyers can secure fast-selling, high-return-on-investment deals with a refund warranty, ensuring that purchased deals align with their seller account. All deals on the Seller Assistant Deals marketplace are verified.

Price: No prepayment required

amazon seller tool

6. SellerBoard

SellerBoard offers profit analytics tailored for Amazon sellers, along with tools for follow-up campaigns, inventory management, reimbursements for lost or damaged stock, PPC optimization, and alerts for listing changes. It simplifies tracking FBA errors and automates various tasks within Amazon seller accounts.

Price: $15 per month

7. RepricerExpress 

RepricerExpress is an innovative Amazon repricing software designed to automatically optimize product pricing for maximum profit margins. It offers proven repricing strategies in the form of customizable templates that can be swiftly tailored to suit your specific requirements. By utilizing its automated pricing capabilities, RepricerExpress can dynamically adjust prices to increase the likelihood of winning sales and optimizing profits.

Price: £64 per month (approximately $79)

amazon seller tool


In conclusion, seller tools are indispensable for online arbitrage retailers seeking to streamline product research and secure the best-priced offers efficiently. Among these tools, the Seller Assistant App stands out as a robust product research extension tailored for Amazon sellers engaged in online arbitrage, wholesale, and dropshipping. This all-in-one extension integrates essential features for product research, including Advanced IP Alerts, which promptly notify users of potential sales restrictions or historical account issues. It also combines functionalities such as an FBM&FBA profit calculator, Quick View, Stock Checker, and Restrictions Checker, making it a comprehensive tool for sellers.



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