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How to set Liquidate your Amazon inventory in 5 minutes

Hello, everyone! This is your reliable Amazon inventory assistant, ReMax!

These days, many people are giving up on Amazon selling. It seems like it takes much more time, money, and manpower than they imagined,

and the difficulty of managing inventory due to its absence is likely to be a reason.

The biggest reason, of course, is poor sales performance. Many products fail to generate the expected demand, eventually resulting in inventory piling up in Amazon FBA warehouses.

As a result, accumulating warehouse costs and long term storage fees continue to accumulate negatives.

Secondly, losses due to advertising costs are a problem. No matter how high a brand's reputation may be, advertising is essential on Amazon. Even targeting just five keywords through PPC advertising incurs significant costs.

However, if sales fall short of expectations, the advertising costs can end up being negative.

In such situations, profits are unattainable, leading to inevitable losses.

To address such poor sales performance, rather than investing more in advertising costs or product content, it's crucial to dispose of slow-moving inventory as soon as possible and recover whatever amount possible. So, how should inventory liquidation be handled?


How to Liquidate in amazon

 First, Log in to amazon seller central

Inventory >Manage inventory > Place a liquidation order

First, select all the inventory you want to liquidate. You can find it in the Amazon Seller Central inventory menu. After selection, choose the Removal option from the Bulk action menu at the top.

Next, by selecting Liquidation from the menu options, you can utilize Amazon's liquidation service.

However, even during this liquidation process, there's a minimum $1.04 fee per item, and the processing time takes 60 to 90 days. Meanwhile, sellers also have to bear warehouse fees for the 2 to 3 months during that period.Amazon's policies can indeed be harsh on sellers...


Stop disposing of items while paying additional fees!


Remex directly receives and liquidates Amazon clearance inventory in local US warehouses.They charge only a 30% commission fee based on the resale amount without separate disposal or storage fees.Compared to Amazon liquidation, they can recover at least 40% more.Moreover, if you want to try repackaging and restocking the same inventory, they can assist with repackaging right there.


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