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[Referral Event] Join REMEX's Incredible May Event: Share and Earn $100

Hello, REMEX users!

In May 2024, REMEX established a branch in China, following Korea and the United States! To celebrate the establishment of the Chinese branch, we're hosting the special REMEX Double Credit event! Check out the incredible double rewards available to sellers during the third week of May and join us now!

Event Period: May 15 - May 30 (approximately 3 weeks)


Double Credit Event

During the event period, using a referral code will double your usual $50 credit to $100. The seller joining through a referral code will also receive a doubled $100 credit.


Referral Ranking Event

Share REMEX with your friends during the event period. Weekly rankings will be based on the number of referrals, and the final top-ranked user on the last day will receive a $500 credit reward.


SNS Tag Event

Update your referral method on your social media and tag REMEX! Each week, we'll select winners by drawing to give away a $50 credit.

Don't miss out on these generous rewards offered only for three weeks! Please check out the content below for further information. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation!

Thank you



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