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REMEX - Global E-commerce Return Processing Solution

Since 2019, the rise in global e-commerce demand and supply

has not only boosted exports and imports

but also significantly expanded the return market.

This increase in returns presents both challenges and opportunities

for businesses in managing logistics and maintaining

customer satisfaction efficiently.

Managing the growing return market is increasingly challenging

for both buyers and sellers, demanding effective solutions

for hassle-free returns and efficient processing.

K-Zone Inc., which has been operating e-commerce platforms

for a long time, developed a return solution = REMEX Solution,

which can easily solve these return problems for sellers

in conjunction with local warehouses (REMEX Hub).

The services provided by REMEX are as follows:

1. Return Easy: Easy and convenient return requests

2. Return Management: Send received returns to REMEX Hub (collaboration warehouse)

for inspection, repackaging, and grading for product categorization

3. Return Commerce: A platform for selling repurposable

products individually or in bundles (reselling platform)

4. Return Data: Collect data on the reasons for returns

and optimize return processing using data

+ We help you prevent returns.

REMEX TEAM united to solve one problem.

From receiving returns to re-commercializing them,

REMEX will help sellers easily handle returns from A to Z.



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