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REMEX return management service updates!

Hello, REMEX service has been updated! We understand that many users may have encountered inconveniences while using REMEX, so we strive every day to improve seller convenience and alleviate any struggles with Unfulfillable inventory.

Let's see what's new:

Product Management Service Update:

Previously, REMEX offered either Liquidation or Management services separately. However, responding to seller feedback, we've launched an integrated service. Now, you can seamlessly utilize both Liquidation and Management services.

When inventory arrives at REMEX warehouse, it undergoes a brief inspection. Then, it's categorized as New or Used and restocked into Amazon FBA. If it doesn't meet restocking conditions, it proceeds to the liquidation service.

For more details or to inquire about adopting the service,

please request a meeting through the link provided.

[Book your call]

Country-specific Inquiry Service Update:

With the website update, the "Contact Us" section has undergone significant changes. Previously, inquiries were made through individual emails or 1:1 contacts on the REMEX page. Now, we operate customer support centers tailored to countries and languages. On the Contact Us page, you can engage in real-time consultations via QR codes for KakaoTalk, WeChat, and WhatsApp.

Additionally, inquiries are possible through the provided phone numbers and email addresses.

Shipment Tracking Feature:

Sellers can now easily track their shipments. Instead of manually counting how many removals occurred and how many arrived, you can now view shipment information at a glance using the statistics bar at the top of the Shipment menu.

  • Total: Real-time cumulative shipment display.

  • Removal Created: Displays the number of removal shipments generated by Amazon.

  • Warehoused in Remex: Shows the number of removal shipments that have arrived at the Remex warehouse.

  • Issue Occurred: Shows the number of shipments that have issue.

Remex is committed to serving sellers at all times. Until the day Amazon sellers no longer encounter unfulfillable inventory issues, Remex will continue to smartly support you.



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