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Remex: The Solution to Amazon's Excess Inventory Eating Away Warehouse Costs

Hello, everyone!

Ever dealt with high storage fees for long-term Amazon inventory or faced challenges in managing excess inventory while streamlining your Amazon business? Here are some valuable tips for sellers who have experienced these issues!

1. Monitor your inventory

To prevent excess inventory, regular inventory checks are essential. Monitor the quantity and types of products being sold consistently to respond promptly

2. Regularly check your sales history.

Periodically review your sales history to identify which products sold well and what items are still in stock. Sales history is crucial for proactively preventing excess inventory

3.Regular inventory cleanup

Since older inventory is more likely to turn into excess inventory, regular inventory cleanup is necessary. Promptly handle products that are no longer selling to keep your business clean.


Remex warehouse

For sellers who can't afford to neglect their business due to the time-consuming nature of managing excess inventory, there's Remex!

Remex not only automatically transfers excess inventory tied up in Amazon FBA warehouses to Remex warehouses but also provides restocking services, including repackaging and relabeling, through its local warehouse in Texas.

For sellers looking to liquidate excess inventory, Remex also operates a service to purchase clearance stock.

If you're facing challenges with Amazon returns or excess inventory, or if your goods are stuck in a 3PL warehouse, don't hesitate to reach out to Remex.

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