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Handle Every Unfulfillable inventory

Big Tiger Parts processes over 300 monthly returns through a REMEX-recommended inspection, repackaging them for resale as new on FBA.

Big Tiger Parts experiences over 300 returns per month, with the majority being designated as unfulfillable inventory. After undergoing a simple inspection process, all of them are deemed suitable for resale as new products. REMEX recommended a straightforward inspection and repackaging process, allowing them to be reintroduced to FBA

After met REMEX

We used to dispose of excessive inventory every month, but realizing that simple local inspections could make them eligible for reintroduction to FBA changed the game for us. REMEX came in with a great solution, allowing us to turn our monthly losses into profits. While the U.S. market is undoubtedly competitive, REMEX enables us to sell on Amazon without incurring losses

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