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Liquidation Success story

'DOORSKOREA' the big Amazon seller from korea, had amazon experience with REMEX liquidation

DOORSKOREA is a big seller with an average of 200 unfulfillable inventory items per month. Like other Amazon sellers, I used to proceed with disposal. However, now, in partnership with REMEX, I am earning revenue through resale instead of disposal.

After Met REMEX

remex liquidation
I'm grateful to have discovered REMEX. Until now, I continuously disposed of unfulfillable inventory, and the disposal fees charged by Amazon were significant. It felt like a waste to throw away inventory, especially when seeing photos of returned products that looked perfectly fine, but were recommended for disposal by the Amazon FBA system. I wanted to revive this inventory. Through REMEX's service, I've been able to resell 99% of what used to be discarded, converting potential waste into profit without any inventory going to waste

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