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Management Success story

U20 Global try to Re-prep and re stock to FBA center. Check out how REMEX support them.

U20 GLOBAL, a seller based in China, doesn't face many returns on a monthly average, but encountered issues with unfulfillable inventory requiring package and FNSKU replacements. Normally, this would necessitate disposal, but in collaboration with REMEX, we aimed to avoid significant losses through automatic repackaging and label replacement.

After Met REMEX

Thanks to REMEX, approximately 20,000 inventory items on the verge of disposal could be reintegrated into the FBA warehouse. While Amazon does offer an FNSKU labeling service, it was too expensive and didn't allow for customization, which was a significant drawback for me. REMEX was proactive in incorporating my feedback and expedited the process. Most importantly, their services were more affordable than Amazon's, which I greatly appreciated!

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