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Success with Excess inventory

Guobei Technology experienced Valentine's Day themed excess inventory and choose REMEX's automated system to efficiently liquidate their slow-moving inventory.

Guobei Technology, an Amazon seller offering a diverse range of products, faces the challenge of slower-moving stock despite rapid turnover of their best-selling items. To tackle this, they leverage festive and seasonal discounts to boost sales revenue. For instance, after Valentine's Day, they encounter a surplus of Valentine-themed products. As the difficulties in sales mount, they decide to liquidate the off-season inventory. Although there were options like donating or disposing of the items, they were interested in recovering some revenue through liquidation. Guobei Technology set up the liquidation process but planned to focus on other business ventures, making REMEX's automated liquidation system the optimal choice for this purpose.

The reality is, achieving high sales on Amazon is not easy. The continuous accumulation of inventory in the FBA warehouse has led to high storage fees, which have placed a huge burden on us. Additionally, FBA also incurs long-term storage fees, making the situation even more troublesome. At the moment of hesitation about whether to clear the inventory, I encountered REMEX, and I'm glad that through it, I can resell the inventory instead of disposing of it!

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