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Sell Your Overstock & Returned Inventory
with REMEX

Transform your e-Commerce Overstock

and Returned inventory into profits

aged inventory liquidation

Overstock Sales Partner in the United States

Remex is your trusted partner for overstock sales in the United States. We help you efficiently liquidate excess inventory, reducing storage costs and maximizing returns.


What our customer say

Lee (Doorskorea, Amazon FBA Seller)

"I had long-term unsold inventory in a 3PL warehouse in LA. Thanks to Remex, I was able to sell it efficiently. Using Remex Fulfillment, I could easily remove the stock directly from the warehouse. Highly recommend their service!"

best liquidation service for amazon seller

Thea (U20, Amazon Seller from China)

"We used to continuously discarding online returns in the U.S., but through Remex, We could generate additional revenue from those returns. It's especially beneficial for sellers who are based overseas."

smart liquidation solution for aged inventory
remex liquidation

Don't discard your overstock and returns. Sell them with Remex.

Talk with REMEX
Sales team

Our experts are here to help you maximize your profits. 

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+1 (210) 960 - 3630

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